Our Branches

  • Salcedo Branch: Valero Carpark 2, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City Tel. Nos. 818-9090 or 403-4468
  • Legazpi Branch: Unit G4, Prince Plaza II, Legazpi corner Dela Rosa Streets, Legazpi Village, Makati City Tel. No. 403-9999
  • Persia Grill BGC: Blue Sapphire Residences 2nd Avenue Corner 30th Street, Near Burgos Circle Bonifacio Global City Taguig City. Tel. No. 5199300
  • University Mall Branch: 2nd Floor University Mall, Taft Avenue, Manila City Tel. No. 516-3317
  • Persia Grill - Street Cafe Palanan 4262 Emilia corner Matanzas Streets,Palanan, Makati City near Cash N' Carry Mall
  • Kapitolyo GF Ace Hotel & Water Spa, United Corner Brixton Streets, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig Tel. No. 477-7729
  • Blue Bay Walk Bluebaywalk, EDSA Corner Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City Tel. No. 843-4771
  • Persia Grill - Street Cafe - Salem Unit 12B - Bldg. 2 - Salem International Commercial Complex, Domestic Road, Pasay City - Infront of Naia Terminal 4 & Cebu Pacific HQ - NOW OPEN
  • ParañaqueG/F GLT Building, President’s Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City Landmark: Beside Conti's

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Appetizers & Salads

Combination of all our 4 dips. Peshgahza & Solos are served with Pita bread


family: 395.00 Php

junior: 250.00 Php

 Salad Oliveyeh... 135.00 Php

Potato, chicken, egg, mayonaise, lemon and olive oil.


 Hummus... 135.00 Php

High in fiber velvety chick peas, tahini and garlic dip.

 Baba Ganoush... 130.00 Php

Freshly roasted eggplant with garlic, tahini, fresh lemon and olive oil.

 Must O'Khiar... 130.00 Php

Classic cucumber, garlic and Persian yogurt dip.

 Mozzarella Cheeze Puff... 140.00 Php
 Feta Cheese with Pita Bread... 199.00 Php
 Fallafel (4 pcs)... 185.00 Php
 Vegetable Samosa... 140.00 Php

Mixed greens with cucumber, tomato, mango, grape, croutons and Parmesan cheese with Persian dressing.

Solo: 130 php

To Share: 225 php

Family: 410 php


Mixed greens with cucumber, tomato, black olives, feta cheese in Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Solo: 130 php

To Share: 225 php

Family: 410 php


A flavorful mixture of parsley, tomatoes and lemon.

Solo: 115 php

To Share: 190 php

Family: 375 php


 Falafel Salad 

Mixed greens with cucumber, tomato, black olives, grape and feta cheese with Persian dressing.

Solo: 170 Php

To Share: 310 Php

Solo: 520 Php


 Chelo Kebab Kubideh... 329.00 Php

2 skewers of grilled ground beef, over a third of a pound prepared with Persian spices

 Chelo Kebab Morg... 329.00 Php

2 skewers of grilled chicken breast fillet marinated with Persian spices & herb

 Chelo Kebab Tikka... 329.00 Php

2 Skewers of grilled chicken breast fillet marinated with Persian spices and herbs.


 Chelo Kebab Combination ... 339.00 Php

2 skewers of your choice of grilled Beef Kebab (Kubideh), Chicken Tikka or Morg (Breast Fillet).

 Chelo Kebab Barg ... 445.00 Php

Two skewers of grilled tenderloin beef cubes marinated in Persian spices and herbs.

 Chelo Kebab Makhsos... 395.00 Php

Combination of grilled beef tenderloin (barg) and grilled beef kebab (kubideh).


 Lamb Chelo Kebab ... 525.00 Php

Two skewers of charbroiled boneless Lamb cubes marinated with Persian spices and herbs.

 Kebab Platter... 790.00 Php

6 sticks of assorted kebabs

with grilled tomato, onion and yogurt dip

Good for sharing

(2 Beef Kebabs, 1 Taka, 2 Morg and 1 Chicken Tikka)

 Business Meals 

Serves with plain rice, tomato and yogurt dip

BM1 Beef Kebab 149php
BM2 Morg 149 php
BM3 Tikka 149 php
BM4 Barg 205php


 Mediterranean Grilled Chicken... 380.00 Php

Two pieces grilled boneless Chicken Thigh fillet, marinated with Persian spices & herbs, served with side salad.




Served with steamed long grain Basmati Biryani rice vegetable salad & yogurt.

Lamb: 489 php

Chicken: 419 php

Beef: 429 php

 Lamb Shank... 599.00 Php

Served with Biryani rice.

 Lamb Steak ... 529.00 Php

The fines quality lamb specially marinated served with mixed vegetables and steam long grain Basmati rice and veggies.

 Tenderloin Steak... 325.00 Php

Served with steamed long grain Basmati rice and veggies.

 Abgusht... 319.00 Php

Beef, chick peas, white beans and potato with dried lemons.

Add Persian rice: 65php

 Gormeh Sabzi... 319.00 Php

Often said to be the Iranian "National dish" , it is a mixture of beef, sauteed herbs and vegetables Served with pickled gherkins.

Add Persian Rice: 65php

 Morg-e Anar ... 319.00 Php

Chicken served in quarters, marinated overnight, cooked whole stuff with combination of vegetables and pomegranate sauce

Add Persian rice: 85php

 Dolmeh Felfel... 275.00 Php

Bell Pepper stuffed with rice, ground beef, Persian herbs and spices served with Pita bread and yogurt.

Add Lamb Steak: 295php

 Vegetarian Dolmeh Felfel ... 245.00 Php

Bell pepper stuffed with rice, Persian herbs & spices and does not contain any meat served with Pita bread and yogurt.

 All Vegetable Musakka... 230.00 Php

Our best selling dish made of eggplant, onions, tomato, chick peas, cooked in Olive oil Served with Pita bread and yogurt.

 Persia Grill Chicken Barbeque... 219.00 Php

A top favorite, marinated and cooked Persia Grill style Served with java rice and veggies.

Sticks on the Grill
 Beef Kebab Stick... 139.00 Php

grilled ground beef.

 Taka Stick... 195.00 Php

grilled beef tenderloin.

 Morg Stick... 139.00 Php

Grilled chicken breast fillet

 Chicken Tikka Stick... 139.00 Php
 Lamb Kebab Stick... 239.00 Php
 Grilled Tomato... 60.00 Php
 Grilled Tomato & Onion... 60.00 Php
 Grilled Onion... 60.00 Php
 Beef Shawarma... 99.00 Php

Premium beef in our sandwich separates our from the usual, have a treat with this sandwich rolled in our soft Pita bread with veggies

  Chicken Kebab Wrap... 155.00 Php
 Beef Kebab Wrap... 155.00 Php

Tired of rice? Eat these kebab rolled in Pita bread with grilled tomatoes, onions.

 Taka Wrap... 215.00 Php

Tired of rice? Eat these kebab rolled in Pita bread with grilled tomatoes, onions.

 Chicken Farsi... 185.00 Php

Diced chicken fillet on whole wheat bread served with tomato chips.

 Persian Burger... 140.00 Php

A twist on the usual burger, served in Pita bread.

 Lamb Kofta Burger... 240.00 Php

A quarter pound of ground Lamb mixed with bef to achieve the perfect blend with Feta Cheese, Tomato, White Onions and Lettuce, Served in a pita buns.

 Vegetarian Wrap... 165.00 Php

A healthy sandwich that's very high in fiber. Hummus with feta cheese, lettuce and cucumber wrapped in whole wheat pita bread.

 Tuna Sandwich... 110.00 Php

Deliciously healthy served in whole wheat bread served with Potato chips

 Falafel Sandwich... 140.00 Php
 New: Ox Brain Wrap 

Ox brain, salt & pepper with a hint of calamansi. rolled in our soft Pita bread.

Sizzling Specials
 Sizzling Keema... 170.00 Php

Ground Beef Express (GBX)

 Sizzling Ox Brain ... 149.00 Php
 Sizzling Chicken Sisig... 215.00 Php
 Sizzling Tuna Belly Sisig... 209.00 Php
 Sizzling Bangus Belly Sisig... 160.00 Php
 Keema... 140.00 Php

Ground Beef Express (GBX) Premium ground beef sauteed in olive oil, tomato and herbs.

 Keema (GBX) on a Bed of Hummus... 240.00 Php
 Liver... 110.00 Php

with tomato & onions

 Ox Brain ... 120.00 Php
 Beef Shawarma Plate ... 130.00 Php

Served with Pita bread

 Nachos with Tomato Salsa... 120.00 Php
Rice & Extras
 Pita Bread... 30.00 Php

We bake our pita daily to ensure freshness

pack of 10's(to go only) 200php

 Whole Wheat Pita Bread... 40.00 Php
 Persian Rice... 85.00 Php

Steam cooked long grain rice

Bismati rice is known for having a very low glycemic index.

Persian way of cooking further reduces this

by removing excess starch while cooking.

 Plain Rice... 39.00 Php
 Plain Rice... 45.00 Php

Served with butter

 Biryani Rice... 99.00 Php
 Java Rice... 50.00 Php
 Extra Yogurt Dip... 30.00 Php
 Extra Butter... 15.00 Php
 Extra Garlic Sauce 

1 oz 25 php

3.5 oz 40 php

 Plain Yogurt 

Small 40 php

Large 90 php

 Porcini Mushroom Truffle Pasta... 220.00 Php
 Pasta Gojeh... 190.00 Php
 Grilled Norwegian Salmon... 375.00 Php

Naturally high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Served with lemon buttered sauce,

steamed long grain Basmati rice & veggies

 Grilled Tuna Belly... 275.00 Php

Naturally high in Omega-3 acids.

Served with lemon butter sauce,

buttered rice, pita, yogurt & Persian Salad

 Crazy Garlic Fish Fillet... 225.00 Php

with mixed vegetable & rice

 Persia Grill Boneless Bangus... 170.00 Php

Served with Java Rice & veggies

 Fruit Shakes 

Creamy Yogurt Shakes: 95php

Strawberry Shake: 109php

Mango Shake: 95php

Mango Banana Shake: 115php

Banana Shake: 95php

Grape Shake: 109php

Kiwi Shake(Seasonal): 109php

Orange Shake(Seasonal): 99php

Melon Shake: 95php

Watermelon Shake(Seasonal): 95php

Cool Cucumber Shake: 85php

with yogurt: 10php



 Ice Tea and Juice 

Lemon Ice Tea

Glass: 55php

Pitcher: 150php

Blue Lemonade

Glass: 60php

Pitcher: 165php

Raspberry Ice Tea

Glass: 60php

Pitcher: 165php

Red Ice Tea

Glass: 60php

Pitcher: 165php

Green Apple Ice Tea

Glass: 60php

Pitcher: 165php

Ice Cold Persian Lemonade: 99php

House Blend: 85php

a blend of mango, calamansi, and a touch of tea

Bottled Water: 40php


Softdrink: 50php

Coca cola, Coke zero, Sprite (in can)

Coke Cherry: 70php

 Leche Flan... 65.00 Php
 Must O'Asal ... 130.00 Php

Yogurt, Honey with Muesli

 Decadent Cake... 130.00 Php
 Black and White Chocolate Cake... 130.00 Php
 Pastillas Cheese Cake... 130.00 Php
Tea, Coffee & Lemon
 Brewed Coffee... 65.00 Php


 Persian Brewed Tea 

Persia Chai (Cha-ee)

cup 50 Php

pot 100 Php

 Persia Grill Hot Lemon... 70.00 Php
 Persia Grill Milk Tea... 85.00 Php
 Calamansi with Honey 

cup 55 Php

pot 100 Php


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